how to remove noise from voice using fl studio

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2 years ago -   October 15, 2018

Hi, if you are looking for remove noise from your recorded voice then you at right place by the follow some  step which I have described here you can easily make your voice noise  free so let's go

what we have required ?
1  recorded voice clip
2 .FL studio software

if you don't have Fl studio software then you can download it from its official website. it is free and size 675 MB link is below----
go to FL studio official site---   

choose its trial version and download with trial version there is no any issue only some plugin is not available 

what we are going to do ?
how to remove noise from voice using fl studio

step 1:  import audio clip in FL studio
first open FL studio and click on channel rack, in channel rack add the audio track by clicking on + sign 
sequence is-:  open FL studio-->click on channel rack

open channel rack in fl studio

then open FL studio-->click on channel rack--> + ---> audio clip

open channel rack and add audio clip in fl studio

now add your voice clip     FL studio-->click on channel rack--> + ---> audio clip-->file sign button
open add audio clip in fl studio

step 2 :- open your voice in  Edison edit box 
right click on voice waveform then click on edit  given in the image
open audio in edison in fl studio

select noise from the waveform by left click and drag which may appear at initial then click on clean up (look like a brush) button then a new window clean up window show, here you have to  simply click on acquire noise profile button
open audio in edison in fl studio

now select all waveform and again click on clean up button then a cleanup window appear. in this window click on accept button after few time all noise will remove. you can check by click on preview. finally, click on the save button and select your recommended formate mp3 or wave formate and save it as I given in the image

how to save audio in edison in fl studio

I hope this blog will help you, if regarding this you any question then contact us on Facebook or Google +.

thank you

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how to remove noise from voice using fl studio

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